Personal Service - That's why our customers trust us, and come back again and again.

Unicorn Artist Management provides a variety of services for the entertainment industry, including: bookings, production assistance and coordination, event consultation, and services contracting. This of course along with the direct management of select artists, and the booking of name artists, opening acts and entire entertainment line-ups.

Bookings: In addition to providing management services for our own artists, Unicorn Artist Management works with other artists managers, as well as co-booking through many agents. This allows us to offer our customers unmatched personalized service and the widest range of artists available.  We could throw you a big list, but we find it better and more efficient to listen to you, and then help you select the artist(s) best suited for your particular event.  Your success is always at the top of our agenda.

Unicorn Artist Management also has extensive experience in the Canadian Market, we assist Canadian venues with the booking of U.S. based talent and smooth the visa process.  We can also assist artists with arranging tours and bookings in Canada.

Graphic Arts Services: From one-sheets and bios to poster and CD album art and DVD cover art UAMTX offers a wide range of graphics services for the entertainment industry and can usually save you money too. Tell us your need and your ideas and we can make it happen.

Video Services: We are now offering complete HD video production and editing services for the country music artist. From promotional sales tools to High Definition music videos.. Give us a call, we can help.

Recording Projects: When you are looking at a recording project UAMTX can be useful in many ways, from helping you to choose the right studio, engineers or musicians, finding the right producer and even coordinating remote recording projects, our staff can help you make the most of your recording budget and save time too.

Production: We have experience in providing production services for small and medium venues. Indoors or Outside, we can arrange for the production of your event, or work with your local sound & lighting contractor to ensure that the show goes off without a hitch.  With over 20 years of production experience behind us, we know the pitfalls of live events, and work to ensure the success of yours.

Co-ordination: With a wide range of experience and extensive industry contacts, our staff can be very helpful in ensuring that the various contractors and entertainers involved are all working from the same play book.  Extra insurance that things will go well on the day of your event.

Management: In addition to providing representation for the artist to others in the entertainment industry we also provide artists with direction, advice, and consultation from our staff as well as others in the business. This allows the artist to rest assured that the answers they get here are based on a true knowledge of the industry, and are coming from those who have made a living in the business for many years.  From record company personnel to veteran artists, radio promoters, concert promoters and venue operators, if we don't have the answer we will get it.  No smoke-screens no nonsense, just the true desire to move our artists career ahead and enabling the artist to concentrate on their show. 

Management of course covers a very wide range of services for the artist, and every artists needs are unique.  We create a workable plan for each artist. Then help the artist to always lead with their strengths, and help them develop in other areas.

We never accept more artists than we can manage well, though we do assist many artists with various services. Management is reserved for those artists that we feel truly are in a position to pursue their career goals, who have learned the importance of constructive advice, have a strong work ethic, a true desire, and the persistence necessary to suceed. The main job of management is to get the artist profitable and to keep them that way, at UAMTX we never forget that.

In addition to management services Unicorn Artist Management is unique in that we can also help our artists with production services ranging from Live Events, to Album Projects, Music Videos, Radio and TV Commercials, and of course Public Relations and Promotional materials.

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