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OK, OK, here it is.... the part everyone always wants to see (can't imagine why?)

Here are just a few photos of some of the name artists that Rob has worked with over the years. There is no way I could include all of them, as web space is limited and I wanted to save a bit of space for some audio.

But check 'em out, and thanks to all them for the nice comments, Rob's had fun working with each of you.....

Again Please be patient, it takes a while for the photo's to load

Tom T. Hall

Tom T. Hall

I had the distinct pleasure (and honor I might add) of running front of house sound for Tom's final show of his farewell tour....

This show was at the Dayton, Ohio Pioneers day celebration...... Tom came to Dayton immediately after performing at the Ohio State Fair. I had worked with Tom before and can say he is a great guy to work with. He knows what he's doing and trusts you to know what you're doing as well.

Tom is still performing occasional shows and TV appearances, but no longer tours....


Neal McCoy


I've worked with Neal on a couple of occasions and what a showman he is.

Always a smile and a howdy for his fans, that's what a true country entertainer is like.

His show is upbeat with lot's of action and some very cool tunes........ Backstage Neal is one of the guys, joining in with jokes and the camaraderie of the road.



 Little Jimmy Dickens


What can you say about Jimmy.... A member of the Grand Ol' Opry, Country Music Hall Of Fame, and a Living Legend, one of the all time greats ! ! ! . . .

He is one of my favorite entertainers and epitomizes what the word "entertainer" means. If you haven't seen Little Jimmy Dickens live show, you have really missed something special.... Jimmy is getting on in years now and is no longer touring, however he still makes his appearances at the Opry whenever he can.



John Conlee

Another of my favorite entertainers, John Conlee is the consummate professional...

Nobody does it better !... In addition to being an outstanding performer John is also an outstanding human being... He can make anyone feel welcome anywhere...

On stage John is smooth and powerful a difficult combination that few singers ever achieve, and he manages it in spades...... Off stage John is the kind of guy that helps the pickers carry the gear and even drives the bus sometimes... A pleasure to work with and always a gentleman..... Of all John Conlee's hits the biggest is "Rose Colored Glasses", but my favorite recording is "Lady Lay Down", in his live show though it's gotta be "Busted", he even passes around a bucket to collect for charity while he sings this one......

The Lettermen

 Tony and the guys have been around for quite a while... Even though they have had to face some personnel changes over the years, the quality and honesty of their show has never changed..... I've had the privilege of working with The Lettermen on several occasions and enjoyed every minute of it..... Thanks Guys!

I remember one show where I filled in when their soundman couldn't make it, and this was when they had just lost their lighting director... Two crew short and they wanted to make some changes in the show. In addition to handling the sound chores I helped them to organize a new stage plot and laid out the lighting cues for them. That's the reason behind the note Tony put on the photo "Thanks for all your help".......... I look forward to another chance to work with them..... Anytime!




And this is a picture of.......... HEY... how'd you get in here ! ? ! ? . . .




Kokomo Beach Band

This is an action photo of one of the live event production jobs we did at Eagle Productions - Canada ... This was at a hockey arena in Ontario...


Ballet Metropolitan

A scene from The Nutcracker .......

This is a photo I shot during a dress rehearsal... If memory serves this was taken while the tour was in Charleston West Virginia......... I was company soundman for that tour........



The Eagle Productions Crew

The Crew

I had to include at least one picture of the tech crew. That is me and my wife Solange next to Michael Burgess, star of Les MisÚrables at a show put on by the Timmins Youth Singers called "One Starry Night"

Top Row, left to right: Pat Nichols - lighting director, Richard Michel - follow spot #3, Rejean "Bubba" Guy - stage manager & monitor mix, GaŰtan Bellmare - followspot #2

Bottom Row: Rob Lavender- technical director & F.O.H. sound, Michael Burgess - the star, Solange Lavender - follow spot #1, Ron Berti - follow spot #4, and Marc Breton - lighting tech.



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