Here are a few photographs that may help to give you some additional insight into who Robin Lavender is, some of the things he does, and why they call him Knobbs...

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 This is Rob at the desk in Vision Recording Studio Timmins, Ontario

This a Soundcraft TS-12 console a 32 input on a 24 mainframe, 12 buss w/ 6 auxiliaries, or other terms a 32 x 24 x 12 x 2... This picture was taken at Vision Studio's first location on Marcel St. in Timmins, Ontario..... Main recording room was to the left of the console. As you can tell it was a tight squeeze there. The new Vision Studio facility is a more traditional layout, with a 26' X 40' main room, a 16' X 24' control room, two 12' x 20' isolation booths and even a small lounge.......



Here's Rob behind his black lacquer Premier drums...


Rob Lavender started playing drums when he was about 7 years old.

His older brother had a nice old Rodgers kit and Rob just couldn't resist...... Despite some rather loud sibling arguments Rob still managed to get in his practice time.





Another shot of Rob playing drums.

You notice the microphone and stand in these two photo's?...

Yes he even sings a bit ..........

(Definitely no threat to any real vocalists)

 Rob Lavender today

Here is a photo of Rob Lavender today, a bit older and with a lifetime of experience in the music business.


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