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So we have put together a few web pages so that you can get to know a bit about his background ... 

OK, so why is it called knobbs place? 

Often a touring act will come into a venue and depend on the house crew or a hired sound crew.  Because they are only there for a day they may not remember everyones name. Since the soundmans job was to turn and twist the various knobs and buttons until things sounded right, they would often refer to the soundman as knobby or knobs . You know, "Hey knobbs you wanna give me a bit more level on my vocal... Thanks" Now, some guys didn't much like that, but Rob figured "call me what you will it all pays the same."

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Rob Lavender is a musician, recording engineer, producer, videographer, and businessman who works in artist management and development. (He is also a darn fine soundman for live events as well!) While working primarily in the country music field, Rob also works from time to time with artists in other genres. Over the years Rob has worked with small bands and large orchestras, unknown acts and world famous name artists.

The whole point of this lil' website is to pass along some info about Rob and some of the things he does, for those who might need his services..... (And for those folks who just have to know everything about everybody - you know who you are...don't you?)

Here you will find a few photos, some audio samples, and videeo clips of Rob's work and a few other interesting tidbits as well.  So click away on the links below and check it out...

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