Robin Lavender was born and raised in central Ohio, where he played in a few area bands over the years. Out of necessity Rob became somewhat of a soundman for these bands (no body else wanted to do it!) After a couple years in the army, he somehow found himself working in L.A. during the crazy days of disco. Where he was the drummer for a 9 piece top-40 band. It was in California where he learned the art of recording, participating in many sessions as a drummer or assistant engineer (fetching coffee and wrapping cables for the real engineer) or both. Rob eventually became a full-fledged engineer when one day the engineer failed to show up for a session. (Which really ticked off the producer) The producer asked Rob if he could handle it, and after many assurances that he could indeed, the producer gave him the chance. Since then Rob has gone on to engineer a countless number of sessions in a number of cities across the U.S. and Canada.
In addition to working in a studio environment Rob has also worked as a live soundman (as compared to a dead one) in clubs, theaters, resorts and concerts across the U.S and Canada. Doing a stint as house soundman at Mt. Airy Lodge in the Pocono's of Pennsylvania and also 2 years as company soundman for the famed Ballet Metropolitan (including the Nutcracker tour). Over the years Rob has worked with many of the top names in the music industry including Eddie Fisher, Jack Jones, Julio Iglesias, The Lettermen, The Ink Spots, Julius LaRosa, Jerry Reed, Neil McCoy, John Conlee, and Tom T. Hall just to name a few.

During all this Rob also found time to tour occasionally as a drummer with "That Masked Band", "The Deby Dee Show", "J.K. Coltrain", "The Trappers" and internationally with "The American Eagle Band".

Rob has also been involved in a couple of business ventures along the way including Jingles Inc, Eagle Productions, Eagle Productions - Canada, and The Canadian Cabaret Theater Co.

Rob lived in Northern Ontario for 7 years and worked as chief engineer at Vision Recording Studio and was also a Managing Director of the Canadian Cabaret Theater Company.

Now living in Texas Rob keeps pretty busy providing entertainment consulting services and producing and editing music related videos. Rob is a partner in Lariat Records, and continues to assist his wife Solange at Unicorn Artist Management.


Just some stuff I thought you might find interesting.

Hawk Missile - U.S. Army

I served in the U.S. Army......  Yeah that was way back in 1972 to 1974 - I was in Air Defense Artillery, a Hawk missile fire control
crewman to be exact....

Piper PA-24 Comanche

And I studied aeronautics...... at The Community College Of Beaver County, Monaca, PA.... That is were I got my private pilots license. Then I went over to Lancaster, Ohio to Centurion Aviation and picked up a Commercial Pilots License, yeehaw! ! ! . .

I have a CDL - A drivers license with hazmat, Tanker and double / triple endorsements...

I Have lived in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Ontario Canada and Texas.................

I have worked as a musician or soundman in every state in the U.S. except Hawaii (couldn't drive there) and six of the 13 Provinces of Canada (from Quebec West).

Photo of my wife Solange

This is a picture of my wonderful wife Solange. Who is a booking agent and artists manager.

For those of you who do not know, Solange is a very French name.... and my wife is a French Canadian.........

Solange and I met while I was on tour with The American Eagle Band back in 1992.

We married July 3rd, 1993 on the Rainbow Bridge between the U.S. and Canada at Niagara Falls...... Some of you may have seen the television coverage or read about us in the newspaper, as there were more reporters than there were guests..........

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