Solange Lavender - Is our primary point of contact for talent buyers and venue operators, as well as providing support for advertising and publicity.

Solange Lavender was raised in Northern Ontario, Canada and is a French Canadian.  She recieved a 4 year business degree at Algonquin College in Ottawa , Ontario . It was while in college that Solange first learned the use of computers, and she just couldn’t get enough. "I enjoy the art of creating and use my computer skills constantly." 

Solange worked for the Northland Post newspaper in Cochrane, Ontario as a graphic artist in the display ads department, and assisted with newspage layout.  She also has worked for the Canadian Cabaret Theater Company, and Eagle Productions - Canada where she worked in both graphics and sales.  In 1994 Solange first got into booking talent. As a licensed booking agent she worked at bringing country music artists from the U.S. up to perform in Canada.

Solange now lives in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Texas area with her husband and family working from her home office and is a full partner in Unicorn Artist Management.  Her background and business education is instrumental is assisting our clients in maintaining a profitable business.

"I love music yet I don’t play any instrument.  Still, I knew I wanted to do something with music, so I decided to become a booking agent for bands and artists.  While at Eagle Productions - Canada I had the job of coordinating between artists, talent buyers and venue operators.  I found that I was good at it and I have a natural flare for assisting artists and venue operators alike.  I love my job!"


Robin Lavender - Offers artists consultation and development services as well as being our production guru.  Well rounded in the entertainment industry Rob Lavender has served as a drummer, band leader, road manager, F.O.H. and Monitor mix soundman, recording engineer, technical director, producer, transportation coordinator and business partner.

Rob grew up in central Ohio and served in the U.S. Army, attended the Community College of Beaver County in Monacca, PA and Centurion Aviation Academy.  Rob came up through the ranks in the audio community from working sound for home town bands to eventually handling name artists both in the U.S. and Canada.  Rob worked two years with the famed Ballet Met as transportation coordinator and company soundman, also as house soundman for Mt Airy Lodge in the Pocono's.  Rob has toured extensively in various capacities throughout the U.S. and via the cultural exchange program across Canada.  He moved to Canada in 1993 and became chief engineer at Vision Recording Studio in Timmins, Ontario and a managing director of the Canadian Cabaret Theater Company.  Rob was also a partner in Eagle Productions and Eagle Productions - Canada.  Rob moved back to Texas in the fall of 1999. Rob is now a part of our management team, bringing his years of experience in the various aspects of the entertainment industry to assist artists in furthering their career.  

"There are many reasons why I stay involved in the music business, sure I enjoy the music itself, but also the creative process in general.  My personal passion lies in live performances, not necessarily being on the stage, but making it all come together.  There is something magical that happens when a diverse group of people gather to assemble all the components necessary for a live performance to happen. Then the band takes the stage and all the hard work becomes invisible and the audience goes on an amazing journey."

A few of my favorite quotes:

"The best thing about the music industry is that 98% of the people can hate you, yet you can still be a star...If only 2% buy your record, you'll sell 4 and 1/2 million copies." - Willie Nelson

"Never forget that this is show business, the business is all about the show... So go first class or don't go at all" - Ernest Tubb

"The music business is like any other business in that no-one is going to invest in you if won't invest in yourself, and no-one is going to work hard for you if you're not working hard yourself" - Shelby Singleton

"Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, if you're ready all the time, you don't gotta get ready" - Will Smith

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